The goal was to create a unique way to express the idea of the Key to the City and create a brand off of it; and for such an eccentric city like Baltimore, MD, My partner Ajoa Donkor and I came up with the idea of a "Charm City Charm Bracelet" I created the charms and type to go on it, and she designed the key.

The way this works is, we have 9 different charms, all to represent the iconography of Baltimore: The Hun, The Black-Eyed Susan, National Bohemian Beer, Utz Potato Chips, The Ravens / Orioles, The Inner Harbor, the Rowhouse architecture, and the famous Maryland Crab. These charms can be individually fitted to the back of the key allowing for complete customization as a plaque to the recipient.

As for the branding, I chose a golden orange to allow for clarity and represent the state flag and Orioles' colors simultaneously, which would tie in the purple black that was used for the elements themselves. With this, the iconography was used as a main element, resulting in the GIFs and patterns on the webpage and E-Flyer

Key design, Charm Design & Construction: AJOA DONKOR
Branding, Type & Iconography: EMILY BERGER
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