For this project, I had to develop a series of Icons that would be later used for a mockup loading screen for a fake app. We had to take 3 items all with some measure of correlation with each other and I chose a pomegranate, a fig, and a kiwi. All three feminine fruits, all three sweet, and all three had lots of seeds, so they were aesthetically interesting. These were the first drafts.
These three were the final product.
These three were another part of the final product to practice some illustration, and maybe apply it to a background of sorts in the "game" i decided to invent.
And these were the last things to come of the project, they are loading screens for the "game" Smoothie Time. We had to use a photographic element along with our icons to create a composition that is worthy of a loading screen. 

So I took that and made it as minimal as possible, so i can communicate sweetness, fun and bring attention to the content of the "game" rather than fill the screen with an image of fruit.
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