Espresso Percolator
Intro To Fibers
This project was for my Introduction to Fibers class during my sophomore year at the Maryland Institute College of Art. It Is, quite explicitly, an espresso percolator. The project was a silkscreen textile pattern, with color separation using stencils. The top is what I hoped to achieve, and what will be saved as a general textile design for future use, and the rest are stencils that will be printed and attached to Con-Tact paper.

The espresso percolator as subject matter was chosen for its interesting shape, and ability to use multiple colors to convey form. It also leads into my Italian heritage which at the time was becoming very important to myself and my work. The colors are based off of the Guglielmo Cafe logo, which is a popular brand of espresso in Italy. I also just wanted some espresso, and left mine at home.
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